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  Show that you can escape from every room man349


Currently at players’ disposal we have 3 thematic rooms being separate games:




Have you ever had the opportunity of going back in time? It’s really no that hard. Now you have a unique opportunity to move up in the years 70/80 of the last century. Come open the door to the room of his grandparents and see what is hidden secrets.


czapka  LEVEL:  NOVICE           sands TIME: 60′         MAX. PERSONS: 





You overheard a conversation . You found out that Dr. Hunter has an important meeting today. He comes out. This is your last chance, for it to get out of prison before you end up like your predecessor. Before you is a long way – escape from his cell and later his office. If not now – it’s never …

Do you have strong enough nerves?


czapka LEVEL: ADEPT          sands TIME: 60′           MAX. PERSONS:





At night you get information about missing your elite unit. You no longer have illusions, you know what happened. You make quick decision. You’re at the front of the unit and you set off in search of the enemy camp. You must reclaim what is most important for your people – their identity.

You didn’t thought, however, that is ambush …

czapka LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE         sands TIME: 60′          MAX. PERSONS:

           If you choose level EXPERT- please request this information when you booking.

           czapka LEVEL: EXPERT                      sands TIME: 70′          MAX. PERSONS:

pointing1     WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Come on…